GTBS 5-Step Staffing Process

GTSB brings client and candidate together in a systematic and efficient manner endeavoring to facilitate successful business partnerships. Understanding our clients' needs, we undertake to match the requirements to the position efficiently and responsibly. The entire process is carried out in an atmosphere of confidentiality.

  • Step 1 - Client Information Gathering

    Senior Account Manager meets with client to discuss the company's technical and personal environment as well as current and future IT-related projects.

  • Step 2 - Client Requirement

    Account Manager reviews the client requirement and further qualifies it by using information gathered in step one.

  • Step 3 - Candidate Qualification

    Account Manager works closely with seasoned Technical Recruiting staff to articulate client requirement as well as client environment.

    Recruiting team identifies possible candidate using our extensive database, advertising innewspaper and Internet, referrals and alliances with third parties.

    Recruiting team qualifies candidates utilizing the following techniques: in-person interviews, technical testing*, reference checks and a personality assessment which communication and interpersonal skills.

    Account Manager conducts personal interview with any and all candidates submitted by recruiting team.

  • Step 4 - Candidate Submission

    Within a 24-48 hour time period Account Manager assesses all qualified candidates and submits only those candidates who are properly matched to the requirement.

  • Step 5 - Candidate and Client Care

    GTBS is committed to being a relationship company. As professionals we continually take time to keep communications open with both our clients and consultants. This diligent approach has earned us the reputation as a firm committed to client satisfaction!

    We believe candidate satisfaction is intrinsic to client satisfaction. After a consultant begins work GTBS will stay in close contact. Each consultant has a direct GTBS contact for any and all issues. This allows us to stay abreast of any issues or problems and have the ability to address them promptly.

*Our partnerships with industry leaders like BrainbenchTM, Virtual University Enterprises, TeckChek and SHL Group plc help us measure knowledge and verify talkent sets to ensure the best match to your job requirements.